Sea 3 “grandfathered” in- so it really does not stop expansion- πŸ˜”

May 5, 2021: PVD City Councilor @pedrojespinal (Ward 10) opposes Sea 3 Providence fossil fuel expansion proposal

β€œI am fully opposed to any expansion of any development by Sea 3 Providence in the Port of Providence,” writes Councilmember Espinal.

β€œThe industrial operations already taking place in this neighborhood have repeatedly created major threats to public health, safety and the local environment. Any economic gains presented by Sea 3’s expansion proposal are far outweighed by the risks of further polluting the Port of Providence and South Side neighborhoods.

β€œAs the Councilman to Ward 10, protecting public health, safety and quality of life remains my top priority. For this reason, I will be submitting a letter of opposition to this proposal as part of the public comment period.” more info at

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