Who We Are

We are a environmental justice community organization led by residents of South Providence and Washington Park to educate, mobilize, and support our community members that are directly impacted by environmental racism.

Our History

Formerly named No LNG in PVD, we have been organizing since 2015 to stop the toxic pollution in our neighborhood and co-create just solutions for providing renewable, affordable energy to our residents and support community safety during ongoing intersecting crises.

Latest from the Blog

Rising Rates – The Indy Article

“There cannot be environmental justice without people in the community, grassroots organizations, people at the forefront, making those decisions. We’ve laid out what we need,” said Huertas. The clearest call from those fighting for utility justice in Rhode Island is a Percentage Income Payment Plan, or PIPP.  This program would cap the proportion of a…

Childhood Lead Action Programs Canvassing

Our organizer Angel went out canvassing with Childhood Lead Action Programs. They spoke to residents door to door to see what Providence water is doing (and not doing) regarding the lead service lines.

George Wiley Center brings coalition together

On Friday September 16th 2022, George Wiley Center brought together a coalition of residents, Elected officials and community organizers, including The Peoples Port Authority – to the PUC for a meeting Friday morning to hear testimony on the proposal. Andrew Poyant and Monica Huertas provided testimony to the PUC and demanded they do not allow…

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