Our mission is to educate, mobilize, and support the community members of South Providence and Washington Park that are directly impacted by environmental racism.

Our Mission

Environmental racism describes the legacy of extraction, colonialism, and slavery that results in the concentration of toxic industries and pollution in Black, Brown, Indigenous, Communities of Color causing disproportionate harm, health crises, and early death among their residents. Our mission is to educate our community about the facilities in our neighborhoods that threaten our well being, mobilize them to resist the expansion of these facilities, urge government decision-makers to shut them down and implement community oversight, and support each other as our lives are constantly under attack by systemic injustice.

Our History

The People’s Port Authority was formerly named No LNG in PVD and was born out of the resistance of National Grid’s proposed Liquified Natural Gas facility that was proposed in the Port. After battling the Raimondo Administration and state agencies for many years, facing discrimination at public hearings, and having data about asthma rates in our neighborhood suppressed, the facility was permitted. We changed our name to the People’s Port Authority to reflect our continued unified resistance around fossil fuel development and toxic facilities in the Port.


Stop the construction of new toxic infrastructure

We watch out for proposals to build new toxic facilities in the Port. We educate and organize our community to submit public comments and demonstrate resistance.

Raise community awareness

There are many toxic industries in the Port community that cause awful pollution that you can smell and dangerous health impacts but many residents aren’t aware of the source. We raise awareness with toxic tours, educational events, community outreach, canvassing, phone banking, and online communications.

Solidarity with our partners

Environmental justice is at the intersection of racial justice, housing justice, economic justice, and reproductive justice. We stand in solidarity with other groups fighting against extractive industries in a broad-based coalition of community members and partner organizations.

Advocate for justly sourced renewable energy

Access to clean, affordable energy is a basic human right. Renewable energy means justly sourced and community controlled. We advocate for responsibly developed offshore wind power, land-based wind, and solar.

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