Urge Speaker Shekarchi to vote NO on H8089

Sign onto this letter to Speaker Shekarchi to urge them to vote NO on bill H.8089


On behalf of The People’s Port Authority and our allies, regarding H 8089 we strongly urge you to vote no. This bill would give a free pass to a toxic industry by exempting it from oversight. If you allow this bill to pass in the house , you are turning a blind eye to our communities that are already burdened with various forms of toxic and hazardous facilities.
“Advanced recycling” is not recycling. The reality is that chemical recycling—which is strongly supported by the plastics industry itself—isn’t really recycling at all. The process—along with a related plastic-to-chemical method, both of which fall under the “chemical recycling” umbrella—emits toxic chemicals and greenhouse gasses, creates hazardous waste, pollutes waterways, and burdens nearby communities.
Brightmark reports to the US EPA that 70% of the output from its plant is plastic derived that is burned onside, 20% is liquid fuel that is shipped to be buried elsewhere and 10% toxic char which ends up in the landfill. These facilities do not “recycle plastic” This bill would ask our already overburdened community to sacrifice even more while stripping our community of their right to public permitting processes.
Please do not add an advanced “recycling” facility on the backs of our already burdened and suffering community. How much more toxins are you willing to allow into the homes, school, playgrounds of the children of SouthSide and Washington Park? This is unjust and inequitable and morally wrong. We urge you to schedule a Toxic Tour of The port of Providence so that you can see and smell for yourself.
Please Contact Monica Huertas 401-280-4059

Sincerely – The People’s Port Authority,

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